A great emotion

February 12, 2021 By Blog Comments Off

Receiving a phone call from a future married couple, almost always from the husband, is always a small but powerful emotion.
The thought of accompanying the bride and groom, and then immediately afterwards the husband and wife, is exciting and makes it one of the most beautiful services a NCC can provide.
The questions are many and varied, but basically, they can be summarised in two important questions.
The first: yes! We can decorate the car by adding flowers to the hat box, tulle or satin ribbons according to the bride’s instructions.
The second: yes! You are sure and guaranteed to find the car at your disposal, even well in advance, in front of the bride’s house.
On these occasions, it is always difficult to identify an exact time: after the service, there are the ritual photos, often in places far away from the reception venue; and for this reason it is important to call in a professional.
It is these guarantees that satisfy and reassure the bride and groom-to-be, and not only them.
In fact, we collaborate with some of the most prestigious wedding planners: Sabrina Galeotti and Rita dell’Omo, just to name a few.
We look forward to your call or email for a free quote without obligation!