WITH START / END IN ROME (within the G.R.A. – Rome Ring Road)


Type of Passenger vehicle

Sedan 1-3

Van 3-5

Van 6-8

Transfers from / to Airports (Fiumicino / Ciampino)

Rome City Centre

€ 70

€ 85

€ 95

South Rome

€ 65

€ 80

€ 90

North Rome

€ 70

€ 90

€ 100

East and/or West Rome

€ 70

€ 90

€ 100

Transfers to/from Civitavecchia port

Rome City Centre

€ 150

€ 180

€ 200

Transfers within the G.R.A. – Rome Ring Road

Rome (starting from)

€ 35

€ 40

€ 45


Disposal services

Sedan 1-3

Van 3-5

Van 6-8

3h up to 50 km

€ 130

€ 160

€ 180

4h up to 75km

€ 170

€ 210

€ 240

Perimeter of the Aurelian Walls
From Via Cassia to Via Tiburtina
From Via Tiburtina to Via Appia
From Via Appia to Via Aurelia
From Via Aurelia to Via Cassia




Waiting time

Every 30 minutes

+ 15 €

Night Service

From h 10:00 pm to 6:30 am

+ 10 €

Extra stop

Strarting from

+ 5 €

Public holidays (excluding Christmas, Easter, etc.) and Sundays

No surcharge

Waiting time at airports (from arrival)

The hourly rate will be applied

1h included

Waiting time at stations/ports (from arrival)

The hourly rate will be applied

15 minutes included

Waiting time departing from Office/Hotel/Home/ etc.

The hourly rate will be applied

10 minutes included


Before 12h from the start of the service

No charge


Within 12 hours from the start of the service

Full payment


Surcharges                                                                             for instructions/waiting time

Vehicle type



Extra km

€ 1,00

€ 1,20

Extra hour

€ 40

€ 50

Rates do not include VAT (10%). The invoice will be issued at the beginning of the following month, with payment within 30 days from its date.

The vehicles are provided for the specified luggage volume; otherwise, a vehicle upgrade will be required; for example, four passengers per car, only if with an adequate number of pieces of luggage (maximum 4 trolleys or 1 small suitcase and 3 trolleys).

Please notify our reservation service in case of a large luggage volume (for example, 3 standard suitcases or two large suitcases).

All bookings made at least 24 hours before the requested service are confirmed automatically. Obviously, we will take care of confirming each service to the applicant, but to facilitate the trip organisation, you can still confirm the service.

To reduce costs, some services, even if provided with sedans, can be carried out with a van, maintaining the rate applied to the sedan. These are rare occasions, as we always try to assign a suitable vehicle to each service.Of course, it is always possible to specify whether a service needs to be “exclusively” provided with a car. In this case, a reservation is required two days in advance.

The sedan services will be provided with a Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 series, Audi A6 or equivalent.

On request also with Mercedes S Class (a surcharge will be applied).

We remain at your disposal to plan other destinations and/or services.

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